Momoland Discord Servers

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The democratic discord for everything Momoland. A welcoming place to be with fellow merries. No closed cliques: everyone is welcome here.
The biggest Momoland discord server.
The one and only Daisy server. It's as dead as you would expect.
Praise Nancy! No lewding allowed.
πŸ— Yeonwoo's Chicken Shack πŸ—: Discord server for Yeonwoo from Momoland? Nah, rather a discord server for Yeonwoomhmmmmmms.
JooE's tropicana hideout: a server for Momoland stans (JooE stans in particular), we welcome anyone from any fandom though. It was made so that people could find friends who stan the same idols.

What is Momoland?

Momoland (Korean: λͺ¨λͺ¨λžœλ“œ) is a South Korean girl group formed by MLD Entertainment. They have nine members, click on them to reveal their cards!

Hyebin (혜빈)
Yeonwoo (μ—°μš°)
Face of the Group
Jane (제인)
Main Dancer
Taeha (νƒœν•˜)
Main Vocalist
Nayun (λ‚˜μœ€)
Vocalist, Rapper
Daisy (데이지)
Main Rapper
JooE (주이)
Lead Dancer
Ahin (아인)
Main Vocalist
Nancy (λ‚Έμ‹œ)
Lead Dancer, Maknae


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